Top 100 Speeches of the 20th Century

Martin Luther King: I Have a Dream

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: Presidential Inaugural Address

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: First Inaugural Address

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation

Barbara Charline Jordan: 1976 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address

Richard Milhous Nixon: Checkers

Malcolm X: The Ballot or the Bullet

Ronald Reagan: The Space Shuttle “Challenger” Tragedy Address

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association

Lyndon Baines Johnson: Address to a Joint Session of Congress on Voting Legislation

Mario Matthew Cuomo: 1984 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address

Jesse Jackson: 1984 Democratic National Convention Address

Barbara Charline Jordan: Statement on the Articles of Impeachment

General Douglas MacArthur: Farewell Address to Congress

Martin Luther King: I’ve Been to the Mountaintop

Theodore Roosevelt: The Man with the Muck-rake

Robert Francis Kennedy: Remarks on the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dwight David Eisenhower: Farewell Address

Thomas Woodrow Wilson: War Message

General Douglas MacArthur: Sylvanus Thayer Award Acceptance Address

Richard Milhous Nixon: The Great Silent Majority

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: Ich bin ein Berliner (I am a ‘Berliner’)

Clarence Seward Darrow: A Plea for Mercy

Russell Conwell: Acres of Diamonds

Ronald Wilson Reagan: A Time for Choosing (aka “The Speech”)

Huey Pierce Long: Every Man a King

Anna Howard Shaw: The Fundamental Principle of a Republic

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Great Arsenal of Democracy

Ronald Wilson Reagan: Remarks at the Annual Convention of the the National Association of Evangelicals

Ronald Wilson Reagan: First Inaugural Address

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: First Fireside Chat

Harry S. Truman: The Truman Doctrine

Eugene Victor Debs: 1918 Statement to the Court

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Remarks to the U.N. 4th World Conference on Women Plenary Session

William Cuthbert Faulkner: Speech Accepting the Nobel Prize in Literature

Dwight David Eisenhower: Atoms for Peace

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: American University Commencement Address

Dorothy Ann Willis Richards: 1988 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address

Richard Milhous Nixon: Resignation Address to the Nation

Thomas Woodrow Wilson: The Fourteen Points

Margaret Chase Smith: Declaration of Conscience

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Four Freedoms

Martin Luther King: Beyond Vietnam — A Time to Break Silence

William Jennings Bryan: Imperialism (Flag of an Empire)

Barbara Pierce Bush: Commencement Address at Wellesley College

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: Civil Rights Address

John Fitzgerald Kennedy: Cuban Missile Crisis Address to the Nation

Spiro Theodore Agnew: Television News Coverage

Jesse Louis Jackson: 1988 Democratic National Convention Address

Mary Fisher: 1992 Republican National Convention Address

Lyndon Baines Johnson: The Great Society

George Catlett Marshall: The Marshall Plan

Ted Kennedy: Truth and Tolerance in America

Adlai Ewing Stevenson: Speech Accepting the Democratic Presidential Nomination

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt: The Struggle for Human Rights

Geraldine Anne Ferraro: Vice Presidential Nomination Acceptance Address

Robert Marion La Follette: Senate Address on Free Speech in War Time Title

Ronald Wilson Reagan: Remarks on the 40th Anniversary of D-Day

Mario Matthew Cuomo: Religious Belief and Public Morality: A Catholic Governor’s Perspective

Ted Kennedy: Address to the People of Massachusetts on Chappaquiddick

John Llewellyn Lewis: Labor and the Nation

Barry Morris Goldwater: Speech Accepting the Republican Presidential Nomination

Stokely Carmichael: Black Power Address at UC Berkeley

Hubert Horatio Humphrey: 1948 Democratic National Convention Address

Emma Goldman: Address to the Jury

Carrie Chapman Catt: The Crisis

Newton Norman Minow: Television and the Public Interest

Ted Kennedy: Address at the Public Memorial Service for Robert Francis Kennedy

Anita Faye Hill: Opening Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee

Thomas Woodrow Wilson: Final Address in Support of the League of Nations

Lou Gehrig: Farewell to Baseball Address

Richard Milhous Nixon: Cambodian Incursion Address

Carrie Chapman Catt: Address to the Congress on Women’s Suffrage

Ted Kennedy: 1980 Democratic National Concession Address

Lyndon Baines Johnson: On Vietnam and Not Seeking Reelection

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Commonwealth Club Address

Thomas Woodrow Wilson: First Inaugural Address

Mario Savio: Sit-in Address on the Steps of Sproul Hall

Elizabeth Glaser: 1992 Democratic National Convention Address

Eugene Victor Debs: The Issue

Margaret Higgins Sanger: The Children’s Era

Ursula Kroeber Le Guin: A Left-Handed Commencement Address

Crystal Eastman: Now We Can Begin

Huey Pierce Long: Share Our Wealth

Gerald Rudolph Ford: Address Upon Taking the Oath of the U.S. Presidency

Cesar Estrada Chavez: The Mexican-American and the Church

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Statement at the Smith Act Trial

Jimmy Earl Carter: Energy and the National Goals – A Crisis of Confidence

Malcolm X: Message to the Grassroots

Bill Clinton: Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Prayer Service Address

Shirley Anita Chisholm: For the Equal Rights Amendment

Ronald Wilson Reagan: Remarks at the Brandenburg Gate

Elie Wiesel: The Perils of Indifference

Gerald Rudolph Ford: Address to the Nation Pardoning Richard M. Nixon

Thomas Woodrow Wilson: The League of Nations

Lyndon Baines Johnson: Let Us Continue

Joseph Nye Welch: Have You Left No Sense of Decency?

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt: On the Adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Robert Francis Kennedy: Day of Affirmation Address at Cape Town University

John Kerry: Statement Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee