The Little Prince: Chapter 12

On the third planet lived a drunkard. The little prince’s visit here was brief, and it left him feeling rather sad.

‘What are you doing?’ he asked the drunkard, who sat quietly before an assortment of bottles, some full, some empty.

‘I am drinking,’ the drunkard replied.

‘Why are you drinking?’ the little prince wanted to know.

‘To forget,’ replied the drunkard.

‘Forget what?’ inquired the little prince, who was already feeling sorry for him.

‘Forget that I am ashamed,’ the drunkard confessed, hanging his head.

‘What are you ashamed of?’ insisted the little prince, who wanted to help him.

‘Ashamed of drinking!’ said the drunkard and then he was absolutely silent.

The little prince went away, feeling rather confused.

‘Grown-ups really are peculiar,’ he said to himself, as he resumed his travels.