Jokes for all occasions: tongue

An old lady in the London parish of the famous Doctor Gill made a nuisance of herself by constant interference in the affairs of others. As a gossip she was notorious. It appeared to her that the neckbands worn by the Doctor were longer than was fitting. She therefore took occasion to visit the clergyman, and harangued him at length on the sinfulness of pride. Then she exhibited a pair of scissors, and suggested that she should cut down the offending neckbands to a size fitting her ideas of propriety. The Doctor listened patiently to her exhortation, and at the end offered her the neckbands on which to work her will. She triumphantly trimmed them to her taste, and returned the shorn remnants to the minister.

“And now,” said the Doctor, “you must do me a good turn also.”

“That I will, Doctor,” the woman declared heartily. “What can it be?”

“Well,” the clergyman explained, “you have something about you which is a deal too long and which causes me and many others such trouble, that I should like to see it shorter.”

“Indeed, dear Doctor, I shall not hesitate to gratify you. What is it? See, here are the scissors! Use them as you please.”

“Come, then,” said the Doctor, “good sister, put out your tongue.”