Jokes for all occasions: sheep and goats

The little girl was deeply impressed by the clergyman’s sermon as to the separation of the sheep and the goats. That night after she had gone to bed, she was heard sobbing, and the mother went to her, to ask what was the matter.

“It’s about the goats!” Jenny confessed at last. “I’m so afraid I am a goat, and so I’ll never go to heaven. Oh, I’m so afraid I’m a goat!”

“My dear,” the mother assured her weeping child. “You’re a sweet little lamb. If you were to die to-night, you would go straight to heaven.” Her words were successful in quieting the little girl, and she slept.

But the following night Jenny was found crying again in her bed, and when her mother appeared she wailed:

“I’m afraid about the goats.”

“But mother has told you that you are a little lamb, and that you must never worry over being a goat.”

Jenny, however, was by no means comforted, and continued her sobs.

“Yes, mamma,” she declared sadly, “I know that. But I’m afraid—awful afraid you’re a goat!”