Jokes for all occasions: sermon

The aged colored clergyman, who made up in enthusiasm what he lacked in education, preached a sermon on the verse of the Psalm, “Awake, Psaltery and Harp! I myself will awake right early.” The explanation of the words, which preceded the exhortation, was as follows:

“Awake, Peasel Tree an’ Ha’ap, I myself will awake airly. Dis yere Sam was wrote by de prophet Moses. Moses was mighty fond o’ playin’ on de ha’ap all de day long, an’ at night when he went to bed he’d hang up de ha’ap on de limb ob a Peasel tree what grew on de outside o’ de window, an’ in de mawnin’, when de sun would get up an’ shine in his face, he’d jump out o’ bed, an’ exclaim, ‘Wake, Peasel Tree an’ Ha’ap! I myself will awake airly!'”