Jokes for all occasions: reward of virtue

The little boy put a serious question to his mother:

“Please, mama, tell me: If I’m a good boy, and I die, and go to heaven, will God give me a nice ickle devil to play with?”

* * *

The teacher directed the class to compose fiction narrative. The most interesting story submitted ran as follows:

“A poor young man fell in love with the daughter of a rich lady who kept a candy store. The poor young man could not marry the rich candy lady’s daughter because he had not money enough to buy any furniture.

“A wicked man offered to give the young man twenty-five dollars if he would become a drunkard. The young man wanted the money very much, so he could marry the rich candy lady’s daughter, but when he got to the saloon he turned to the wicked man and said, ‘I will not become a drunkard even for twenty-five dollars. Get from behind me, Satan.’

“On his way home he found a pocketbook containing a million dollars in gold. Then the young lady consented to marry him. They had a beautiful wedding, and the next day they had twins. Thus you see that Virtue has its own reward.”