Jokes for all occasions: point of view

A couple from Boston spent a winter in Augusta, Georgia. During the period of their visit, they became fond of an old colored woman, and even invited her to visit their home at their expense. In due time after their return to Boston, the visitor was entertained. Every courtesy was extended to the old colored woman, and she even had her meals with the host and hostess. One day at dinner, the host remarked, with a certain smug satisfaction in his own democratic hospitality:

“I imagine that, during all the time you were a slave, your master never invited you to eat at his table.”

“No, suh, dat he didn’t,” replied the old darky. “My master was a genl’man. He never let no nigger set at table ‘long side o’ him.”

* * *

The kindly old lady chanced to be present at the feeding of the lions in the zoo. Presently, she remarked to the keeper:

“Isn’t that a very small piece of meat to give to the lions?”

The man answered very respectfully, but firmly:

“It may seem like a very small piece of meat to you, mum, but it seems like a big piece of meat to the lions, mum.”