Jokes for all occasions: mosquitoes

The visitor from another state talked so much concerning the size and fierceness of New Jersey mosquitoes that his host became somewhat peeved.

“Funny!” the guest remarked. “You haven’t your porch screened.”

“No,” the host snapped; “we’re using mouse-traps.”

* * *

A visitor in the South complained bitterly concerning the plague of mosquitoes. An aged negro who listened respectfully explained a method by which the pests might be endured. But this was in the days before prohibition.

“My old Marse George, suh, he done managed them animiles sholy splendiferous. Always when he come home nights, he so completely intoxicated he don’t care a cuss foh all the skeeters in the hull creation. In the mawnin, when Marse George done git up, the skeeters so completely intoxicated they don’t care a cuss foh Marse George, ner nobody!”