Jokes for all occasions: lying

The juryman petitioned the court to be excused, declaring:

“I owe a man twenty-five dollars that I borrowed, and as he is leaving town to-day for some years I want to catch him before he gets to the train and pay him the money.”

“You are excused,” the judge announced in a very cold voice. “I don’t want anybody on the jury who can lie like you.”

* * *

The tender young mother detected her baby boy in a deliberate lie. With tears in her eyes, and a catch in her voice, she sought to impress upon him the enormity of his offense.

“Do you know,” she questioned severely, “what happens to little boys who tell falsehoods?”

The culprit shook his head in great distress, and the mother explained carefully:

“Why, a great big black man, with horns on his head and one eye in the center of his forehead, comes along and grabs the little boy who has told a falsehood, and flies with him up to the moon, and keeps him there sifting ashes all the rest of his life. You won’t ever tell another falsehood, will you, darling? It’s wicked!”

Mother’s baby boy regarded the speaker with round-eyed admiration.

“Oh, ma,” he gurgled, “what a whopper!”