Jokes for all occasions: luck

The pessimist quoted from his own experience at poker in illustration of the general cussedness of things:

“Frequent, I have sot in a poker game, and it sure is queer how things will turn out. I’ve sot hour after hour in them games, without ever takin’ a pot. And then, ‘long about four o’clock in the mornin’, the luck’d turn—it’d take a turn for the worse.”

* * *

“How did you find your steak?” asked the waiter of a patron in the very expensive restaurant.

“Just luck,” the hungry man replied, sadly. “I happened to move that small piece of potato, and there it was!”

* * *

The new reporter wrote his concluding paragraph concerning the murder as follows:

“Fortunately for the deceased, he had deposited all of his money in the bank the day before. He lost practically nothing but his life.”

* * *

The editor of the country paper went home to supper, smiling radiantly.

“Have you had some good luck?” his wife questioned.

“Luck! I should say so. Deacon Tracey, who hasn’t paid his subscription for ten years, came in and stopped his paper.”