Jokes for all occasions: lawyers

There was a town jail, and there was a county jail. The fact was worth forty dollars to the lawyer who was approached by an old darky in behalf of a son languishing in duress. The lawyer surveyed the tattered client as he listened, and decided that he would be lucky to obtain a ten-dollar fee. He named that amount as necessary to secure the prisoner’s release. Thereupon, the old colored man drew forth a large roll of bills, and peeled off a ten. The lawyer’s greedy eyes popped.

“What jail is your son in?” he inquired craftily.

“In the county jail.”

“In the county jail!” was the exclamation in a tone of dismay. “That’s bad—very bad. It will cost you at least fifty dollars.”

* * *

Some physicians direct their patients to lie always on the right side, declaring that it is injurious to the health to lie on both sides. Yet, lawyers as a class enjoy good health.