Jokes for all occasions: innocence

A little girl four years old was alone in the nursery with the door closed and fastened when her little brother arrived and expressed a desire to come in. The following was the dialogue:

“I wants to tum in, Sissy.”

“But you tan’t tum in, Tom.”

“But I wants to.”

“Well, I’se in my nightie gown an’ nurse says little boys mus’n’t see little girls in their nightie gowns.”

There was a period of silence during which the astonished little boy reflected on the mystery. It was ended by Sissy’s calling out:

“You tan tum in now, Tom—I tooked it off.”

* * *

The very young clergyman made his first parochial call. He tried to admire the baby, and asked how old it was.

“Just ten weeks old,” the proud mother replied.

And the very young clergyman inquired interestedly:

“And is it your youngest?”