Jokes for all occasions: helpfulness

Many a mayor is a friend to the people—just like his honor in the following story.

A taxpayer entered the office of the water registrar in a small city, and explained himself and his business there as follows:

“My name is O’Rafferty. And my cellar is full of wather, and my hins will all be drowned intirely if it ain’t fixed. And I’m here to inform yez that I’m wantin’ it fixed.”

It was explained to the complainant that the remedy for his need must be sought at the office of the mayor, and he therefore departed to interview that official.

After an interval of a few days, O’Rafferty made a second visit to the office of the registrar.

“Sure, and I’ve come agin to tell yez that my cellar is now fuller of water than ever it was before. And I’m tellin’ yez that I want it fixed, and I’m a man that carries votes in my pocket.”

The registrar again explained that he was powerless in the matter, and that the only recourse must be to the mayor.

“The mayor is ut!” O’Rafferty snorted. “Sure and didn’t I see the mayor? I did thot! And what did the mayor say to me? Huh! he said, ‘Mr. O’Rafferty, why don’t you keep ducks?'”