Jokes for all occasions: form

The traveler wrote an indignant letter to the officials of the railroad company, giving full details as to why he had sat up in the smoking-room all night, instead of sleeping in his berth. He received in reply a letter from the company, which was so courteous and logical that he was greatly soothed. His mood changed for the worse, however, when he happened to glance at his own letter, which had been enclosed through error. On the margin was jotted in pencil:

“Send this guy the bed-bug letter.”

* * *

A worker in the steel mills applied direct to Mr. Carnegie for a holiday in which to get married. The magnate inquired interestedly concerning the bride:

“Is she tall or short, slender or plump?”

The prospective bridegroom answered seriously:

“Well, sir, I’m free to say, that if I’d had the rollin’ of her, I sure would have given her three or four more passes.”