Jokes for all occasions: flattery

An eminent statesman was being driven rapidly by his chauffeur, when the car struck and killed a dog that leaped in front of it. At the statesman’s order, the chauffeur stopped the car, and the great man got out and hurried back to where a woman was standing by the remains. The dead dog’s mistress was deeply grieved, and more deeply angered. As the statesman attempted to address her placatingly, she turned on him wrathfully, and told him just what she thought, which was considerable and by no means agreeable. When, at last, she paused for breath, the culprit tried again to soothe her, saying:

“Madam, I shall be glad to replace your dog.”

The woman drew herself up haughtily, surveyed the statesman with supreme scorn, and hissed:

“Sir, you flatter yourself!”