Jokes for all occasions: exclusiveness

One of the New York churches is notorious for its exclusiveness. A colored man took a fancy to the church, and promptly told the minister that he wished to join. The clergyman sought to evade the issue by suggesting to the man that he reflect more carefully on the matter, and make it the subject of prayers for guidance. The following day, the darky encountered the minister.

“Ah done prayed, sah,” he declared, beaming, “an’ de Lawd he done sent me an answer las’ night.”

“And what was it?” queried the clergyman, somewhat at a loss. “What did the Lord say?”

“Well, sah, He done axed me what chu’ch Ah wanted to jine, an’ Ah tole Him it was yourn. An’ He says: ‘Ho, ho, dat chu’ch!’ says he. ‘You can’t git in dere. Ah know you can’t—’cause Ah been tryin’ to git in dat chu’ch fer ten years mahself an’ Ah couldn’t!'”