Inspiring Words from Inspiring People: Art Garfunkel

Art Garfunkel is an American singer and poet, best known for his work in the folk duo Simon and Garfunkel.

Inspiring Words from Inspiring People: Art Garfunkel

My Darling, My Younger Self,

What do I know that you may value? It’s what you know that I may have forgotten. Here are some things I do know:

Singing brings joy. Such a tickle in the throat. Singing was my silent companion as I stepped over the threshold into a room of strangers.

Then, if you can embrace the differentness of another—tightly fused in beautiful dissonance—you give power to music, to musicianship, to the partner.

Fame is a kick, the party’s at your house. It helps the introvert, it pays the bills, it puts momentum into the current project at hand. I met many beautiful women through the focus of fame. I met many of my fabulously talented industry players—fine artists. The buzz was real. I took flight into the open-ended artist’s realm and that was the real fun.

If you marry, as I did, you will be exasperated. Boys and girls are different. But if the difference is a challenge, it is also the grand enrichment of life. Lovers soothe each other, they dance together. They combine in the great thrill—the creation of new life. And this will start the second half of your life. Adorable children will send you two parents to heaven with a godly feeling: adoration.

As you age, you get out of your own way. You will see more clearly what your unique contribution to earth is meant to be. Mine is to be a singer. Your heart will become your center place. You will know the difference between cheap thrills and deeper satisfactions, known by its calling card—hard work.

I lost my singing voice three years ago; I don’t know how. It has been hard work to regain my sound and take to the stage again. You will need to be brave to mend out in public.

But you will never ever find the right hat!