Funny Stories Told by the Soldiers: Where do i sleep next?

I’ve slept in cradles,

I’ve slept in arms,

I was a baby then—

Unconscious of war’s alarms.

I’ve slept on the prairie

Shooting the duck and the goose,

I’ve slept in the bush

Hunting the elk and the moose.

I’ve slept on steamboats

With my bed on the deck,

And I’ve slept in church

With a kink in my neck.

I’ve slept in fields,

Under the stars,

And I’ve slept on trains

In old box cars.

I’ve slept in beds

Of purple and gold,

I’ve slept out in Flanders

In the mud and the cold.

I’ve slept in dugouts

With the rat and the louse,

And I’ve slept in France

In a fairly good house.

I’ve slept in barns

On beds of straw,

I’ve slept in sheds

Wi nae bed at a’.

I’m sleeping now

On a stretcher of wire,

And I pray my last sleep

Will be near a fire.

I’m tired of the wet,

The mud, and the cold,

And I won’t be sorry

When I sleep in the Fold.

“‘Taps,’ Bon swear,

”As usual,