Adult Joke Book: Down in the Mouth

A woman walked into the dentist very nervously and said, “I’d rather have a baby than have my teeth checked.”

“Okay,” said the dentist, “if that’s what you want, then I’ll have to adjust the chair.”

* * *

A man went to the dentist with a raging toothache.

“It’ll have to come out immediately,” said the dentist, taking hold of his drill.

The patient grabbed hold of the dentist’s balls and replied, “We’re not going to hurt each other, are we?”

* * *

It was the annual conference for dentists and dental companies and one of the awards went to Matthew Slick for best salesman of the year. He had sold a record quantity of White’s dental mouthwash. Some time later, after he’d been presented with his award, a colleague asked him for the secret of his success.

“Oh it’s quite simple really,” said Matthew. “For the past six months I’ve been setting up a mobile stall at the major London railway stations during their busy rush-hour periods.

The stall has been giving away free samples of a new meat paste. When people ask me what it contains, I tell them it has venison, herbs and bull droppings. As they start to spit it out, that’s when I ask them if they’d like to buy a bottle of White’s dental mouthwash.”