Important Speeches in 21st Century America

Greatest Graduation Speeches: Steve Jobs, Stanford University (2005)

Governor Kathleen Blanco: Address to A Joint Session of the Louisiana State Legislature

Michael Bloomberg: Address in Support of Religious Tolerance and New York City Mosque

Bono: Keynote Address at the 54th National Prayer Breakfast

Governor Jan Brewer: Address upon Signing Arizona Senate Bill 1070

Richard H. Brodhead: Remarks on the Practice & Ethics of Trying Cases in the Media

Robert Byrd: The Arrogance of Power

George W. Bush: 9/11 Address to the Nation

George W. Bush: Address to Joint Session of Congress Following 9/11 Attacks

George W. Bush: First (Official) Presidential State of the Union Address

George W. Bush: Rose Garden Speech on Israel-Palestine Two-State Solution

Hillary Clinton: Democratic National Convention Keynote Address

Hillary Clinton: Address to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Bill Clinton: Farewell Address to the Nation

Bill Clinton: Address at the Memorial Service for Robert Byrd

Susan Collins: Senate Floor Speech in Support of Brett Kavanaugh

Bill Cosby: Address at the NAACP’ on the 50th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

Tom Delay: Farewell Address to House of Representatives

Robert Gates: Address to the World Forum on the Future of Democracy

Julius Genachowski: On Improving Broadband and Mobile Communications

Nikki Giovanni: Remarks at the Memorial Ceremony for Virginia Tech Shooting Victims

Rudy Giuliani: Opening Remarks to the United Nations General Assembly

Al Gore: 2000 Presidential Concession Speech

Al Gore: Nobel Peace Prize Lecture

Eric Holder: Speech at the DOJ African-American History Month Program

Marion Jones: Apology Address For False Statements and Illegal Steroid Use

Mitch Landrieu: On the Removal of Four Confederate Monuments in New Orleans

Barbara Lee: Statement in Opposition to H.J. Res. 64

Jessica Lynch: Opening Statement Before House Oversight & Govt. Reform Committee

David McCullough: Wellesley High School Commencement Address

James McGreevey: Resignation Address

Zell Miller: 2004 Republican National Convention Address

Michael Nutter: Speech at Mount Carmel Baptist Church

Barack Obama: 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address

Barack Obama: Commencement Address at Knox College

Barack Obama: A More Perfect Union

Barack Obama: Speech at the ‘Together We Thrive: Tucson and America’ Memorial

Buck O’Neil: Speech at the at the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Jay Paterno: Eulogy Address at the Public Memorial for Joe Paterno

David Petraeus: On the Future of the Alliance and the Mission in Afghanistan

Condoleezza Rice: Wriston Lecture at the Manhattan Institute

Condoleezza Rice: Opening Statement to the 9/11 Commission

Mitt Romney: Faith in America

Ricardo Sanchez: Military Reporters and Editors Forum Luncheon Address

Ryne Sandberg: Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Speech

Attallah Shabazz: Remarks at the Funeral Service for Coretta Scott King

Shirley Sherrod: Address at the Georgia NAACP 20th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet